About me

Diana Alghoul – Instagram: @flowerknafeh Twitter: @superknafeh


A lot of you already know me from my “day job.” I’m a journalist and a political analyst. This is where I write about everything except for journalism and politics.

I’ve always known there’s more to us than our three-dimensional beings. Being religious (Islam), I was always familiar with the concept of the روح, Arabic for the soul. But I never understood its significance in our lives, let alone identifying with the higher self as opposed to the body.

Circumstances came and went and in 2018, I decided to embark a spiritual journey to find out who this non-physical Diana is. I started learning about spirituality, I stopped judging my physical self and began taking care of my body, I decided to experiment with different lifestyle options and I took up yoga as a hobby.

Not only did it change my mood, it changed my life. My prayers slowly became more connected, my spirit nourished and my body glowing. I had to learn about forgiveness, unconditional love and finding adventure in life’s little mysteries instead of letting anxiety engulf me.

I’m still learning and as I learn, I want to teach so I can learn some more. Follow my blog and connect with me on social media. I’d love to hear from you all ♡ 

Taurus sun and rising, Capricorn moon ♡ 

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