♡Blog it into existence

Hi guys! Welcome to my Blog it into Existence series!

Each month, I’m setting a list of goals that I want to achieve and steer into direction of how to achieve them. I initially wanted to start a series reviewing the last month, but we really should be focusing on the present and future. Leave the past in the past.

I also wanted to do this in a personal journal (click here to read my post on journaling) but blogging it seems more fitting. Self improvement isn’t something we should hide. None of us are perfect. We should always be looking into new ways to improve ourselves with small goals, and I really hope this will inspire you with ideas, ways or just to even do something like this – whether on your own blog or in a journal.

We should all get into the habit of being present and thinking about the future in a positive way. Retrospectively reflecting on things is a good idea, but if we find ourselves worrying about the future, that means we’re stuck in the past. These are habits we need to actively undo.

A lot of my goals are very general and they are useful for others, so you’re probably going to find some useful things if you want to set similar goals.

I’m really excited for us to embark this journey together.

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