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Reiki, pronounced “Ray-Key”, is a powerful energy healing technique that originated in Japan. As a practitioner, I tap into universal energy, or life force energy where it is needed to help clear and balance the chakras and energy body. Due to the current situation, I am offering distance reiki, which has the same effect as in-person reiki from the comfort of your home.

✨Why choose Reiki by Diana?✨

Rather than jumping into reiki, I like to personalise my sessions as much as I can for my clients. Before your reiki session, I give you a complimentary 20-minute consultation to give you control of the session. I offer free phone calls beforehand if you have any questions.

I then bring you into relaxation through breathwork and I guide you into a state of meditation, using my sound healing tools or dhikr (depending on which you choose). The transition to reiki is smooth and a part of the deeply healing experience.

I am attentive to my clients. I will open a private file for you (unless requested otherwise and will destroy upon your request) to make sure your treatments remain personalised with your progress and healing journey. Before each session, I will read your file and we will discuss any particular issues throughout your free consultation.

I am attuned to Level 2 which means I am fully capable to conduct effective distance reiki online. Distant healing sessions can address spiritual, mental and emotional issues. Negative experiences such as abuse, neglect or trauma can manifest into physical symptoms such as insomnia, pain, toxic eating habits, hormonal changes and more. With reiki we work on unblocking the root blockages in the body and spirit to help with the physical manifestations.

I am London (UK)-based but I do online distance healing for anyone in the world, as long as we can agree on a mutual time.

✨Price list ✨

Individual distance healing session:

🌻30 minutes: £28

🌻45 minutes: £33

🌻60 minutes: £38

Packages (including complimentary 20-minute consultation):

🌻A block of three 45-minute sessions for only £30, totalling £90

🌻A block of five 45-minute sessions for only £28, totalling £140

🌻A block of three 60-minute sessions for only £33, totalling £99

🌻A block of five 60-minute sessions for only £30 each, totalling £150

How to book: e-mail with subject line including “reiki” — you are also able to DM me on my social media if easier for you.

Visit my Instagram to learn about me and for more spiritual content: 📸@flowerknafeh

Thank you for viewing my page. Sending you all light and love 💖✨

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